3 Must Have Car Cleaning Items

3 Top Car Cleaning Items | ER Autocare

The appearance of your car not only makes it look good, but it also makes you feel good as a responsible vehicle owner. Whether it’s your beloved cherry-red sports car or the family minivan, taking care of your car is important. Not only does keeping your car clean make it more pleasant to drive, but it’s also a good way to prevent you from having to do a more intense cleaning later than can take hours to complete. Check out these essential tools and accessories every car owner should have in their garage or home for a clean vehicle.

Microfiber or Cotton Cloths

You should always keep at least one cleaning cloth inside your car to help you quickly clean up those inevitable spills. Microfiber is a fantastic material since it doesn’t scratch the finish on paint or glass. It also easily absorbs liquids for a super-fast cleanup. Cotton also works well if you’re in a pinch. Microfiber cloths can be stored in your garage as well so you can easily give your car’s exterior a quick wipe down. These cloths are super soft, and they won’t leave unsightly scratches behind. Use them to wash and dry your car for amazing results.

A Car Vacuum

Crumbs and particles can easily build up inside your vehicle, especially if you have children. A car vacuum is smaller than a standard vacuum cleaner and some designs work by plugging them directly into the car’s lighter. Choose a small car vacuum to take with you wherever you go. This will make it easy to quickly grab crumbs, dirt, and other gunk that can cause your carpets and seats to look unsightly. If you don’t want to carry a car vacuum around with you, keep one in the garage so you can pull in and do a quick vacuum whenever you need to.

A Can of WD-40

If you need a remedy for squeaky parts and hinges, WD-40 is the perfect solution. This handy lubricant can quickly stop those annoying squeaky car doors or trunks. It’s also an incredible way to remove stuck-on materials in your car like glue, tree sap, and other forms of sticky residue. Just spray some WD-40 directly onto the gunk or glue and gently scrub it off. Make sure you immediately wash the solution off of your car so it doesn’t damage the clear coat or leave any excess staining behind. Stash WD-40 in the trunk and keep a can in the garage, too.

Keep these three must-have car cleaning items in your car and garage to keep it looking its best and providing you with a quick and easy cleanup for messes and spills.

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