5 scary car sounds that require service immediately

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Cars make a lot of different noises, but when that noise happens, you know it’s bad news. Curious about what noises could mean trouble for you and your vehicle? Here are five scary vehicle noises to watch for. If you hear one of these, get to your mechanic right away!

A screeching or grinding sound coming from your brakes

Brakes are not something to mess with, and if they are making unusual noises, it’s time to get them checked out. A particularly obnoxious grinding sound coming from your brakes could mean that your pads have been worn down enough that they are scraping the metal! Not getting your brakes properly serviced is a big safety issue, so don’t wait.

A wobbling sound when you’re driving

Sometimes this sound is said to be similar to what a dryer sounds like when it’s moving around. If you hear this sound while you’re driving, there’s a good chance that your lug nuts are loose on one of your wheels! If this is the case, head back to the service center and ask them to tighten them.

A whining sound when you turn the wheel

Every modern vehicle has a power steering system in it which assists you in maneuvering thousands of pounds of metal when you’re driving down the road. A whining sound could be a clue that your power steering system is about to fail. Another indicator is that you’ve noticed the wheel has become harder to turn or feels stiff. However, it could also mean you have air in the line or a fluid leak, so get it checked out regardless.

A hissing sound under the hood

If you notice a hissing sound coming from the front of the car when you turn off your engine, a fluid leak could be to blame. In some cases, a small leak may not present an immediate danger, but if it’s related to the cooling system or brakes, it could be dangerous.

A clunking sound

A clunking sound could have multiple causes, but none of them are good! You may have severe damage to your brakes, or you could even be looking at issues with the suspension. If the sound occurs when you’re turning, this likely points to issues with a wheel.

In closing, scary noises should get checked out fast before they can do more harm.

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