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About Us

Why we do what we do:

Personal care you won’t find at a dealership.
ER Autocare is for the customers that know what they want: Masterful work and impeccable service at a fair price.

ER Autocare is all of the above and more. We gain your trust through our actions and quality of care. You know you will be getting a top-of-class experience when you choose ER Autocare.

We value being prominent members of our communities. Each and every ER Autocare location is the community-based Auto Care company that is synonymous with quality, integrity and luxury.

We gain the trust of our clientele through our actions and quality of care. Every client knows they will be getting a top-of-class experience when they choose us at ER Autocare.

ER Autocare

Our History

ER Autocare was founded by Ray Raber as a part time job after moving his family to Columbus from Apple Creek, Ohio in July of 2007. Initially they repaired anything from cars & lawn mowers to tractors, semi’s and combines. The business grew quickly on word of mouth advertising and by September 2008 it was busy enough that his son Eric joined the business as a technician.

Eric had worked several jobs from 2007-2008 that included being a technician for a local Ford dealership & a trucking company as well as a laborer for a concrete crew, so he was glad for the opportunity to work with his Dad doing what they both loved, fixing cars! By September 2012 they had outgrown the small farm shop they were in so they moved to a different location 1 mile away and business doubled by the end of 2013! Ray’s youngest child, Brent joined the team as their first service advisor the day he completed high school in 2013.

The business was growing rapidly and needed full-time management so in 2016 Eric moved into a full-time management role and focused all his time on improving shop operations. After mastering the art of running a shop, Eric started considering growth strategies for the future but Ray wasn’t interested in growing the shop because he wanted to stick with what he always loved doing, fixing cars!

In 2018, Eric purchased the business from Ray and began a growth phase to set up the business for additional locations which included promoting his brother Brent, to the store manager position. After a lot of market research, a property for a 2nd location was identified and The 2nd store was opened on March 1st, 2021 in Upper Arlington.

Since then, we have grown exponentially into 4 locations in 2023, with more growth planned for 2024.


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