What Causes Undercarriage Rust?

Causes Undercarriage Rust | ER Autocare

Undercarriage rust is something you will probably never think about until it becomes a problem. That’s okay. You don’t see the undercarriage of your vehicle so it wouldn’t cross your mind. It crosses our minds, however, and ER Auto Care offers undercarriage inspection service because a rusted undercarriage means serious damage to your vehicle.

What Causes Rust?

As with any type of steel, moisture causes rust, and in Ohio, we have plenty of moisture all year round. Steel is made from iron and when water comes in contact with steel, it encourages oxidation. Oxidation is the result of oxygen mixing with iron; oxidation is rust.

You might think spring and summer would be a good time for the undercarriage of your vehicle to dry out but our springs and summers are pretty humid. Between spring showers and summer thunderstorms, your automobile undercarriage still gets plenty wet during the warmer months.

Fall and Winter aren’t much better. Fall ushers in the cooler weather, which doesn’t help dry out your vehicle’s undercarriage. Winter wreaks havoc on the undercarriage with rainfall and snow. Think about it. Unless you heat your garage, your car, truck or SUVs undercarriage is always wet.

Dampness Isn’t the Only Problem

Road salt also rusts your vehicle. In fact, the road salt we use to keep our roads safe during a snowstorm increases oxidation activity. Salt is calcium chloride, and it speeds up the oxygen and iron electrolytic reaction, so not only are you dealing with wet in the winter you’re also dealing with salt.

Undercarriage Rust Prevention is the Best Medicine

So, what can you do? You can’t exactly crawl under your vehicle every night with a towel or hairdryer and dry the undercarriage can you? Well, you could, but we wouldn’t recommend it. Rather, have your vehicle treated for rust before rust becomes an issue.

If you bring your vehicle into our shop, we will inspect the undercarriage for damage and recommend any necessary repairs. If all looks well, we will coat your undercarriage with an oil-based rust prevention brine to protect it. This creates a waterproof barrier between your vehicle’s undercarriage and the road.

In other words, as you drive on wet and/or salted roads, it will be as if you have a shield underneath your car, truck or SUV that repels the moisture. This is your first and only line of defense against undercarriage rust and the treatment is long-lasting.

Fall is just around the corner with Old Man Winter on its heels, so think about protecting your vehicle’s undercarriage against moisture now. Stop by ER Auto Care in Plain City, OH, and talk with us about our undercarriage rust prevention treatment. You can also call us at 614-363-0509.

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