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Cool The Inside of Your Car Fast in the Sweltering Heat | ER Autocare

Summer driving can be a lot of fun, and there is nothing better than putting the top down or cranking the windows open to enjoy the fresh country air. But when you park your car in the sweltering heat, you may not look forward to the return trip.

Even a short time in the summer sun can leave the interior of your car unbelievably hot, and your steering wheel too hot to touch. So what can you do to beat the heat, and how can you cool off your car’s interior fast when it is time to drive away? Here are some simple ideas to get you started.

Put on a Steering Wheel Cover

The heat can make your steering wheel too hot to handle, but you can fight back with a steering wheel cover. A cooling cover can shield the steering wheel from the worst of the summer heat, so you can drive away in comfort.

You can choose a reflective cover that pops on when you park, or a fluffy cover that stays on. Just look for a cover that is light in color – it will reflect the heat and stop it from making your return journey too hot to bear.

A Solar-Powered Cooling Fan

In the hot summer months, the sunshine is as abundant as the heat, so put it to good use with a solar-powered cooling fan. Just sit the cooling fan on your dashboard when you park and let the sun’s rays do their work.

The solar-powered fan will help cool off your car while it is parked, so you can drive away in comfort. You may still need to run the AC or crack a window, but you will be surprised at the difference this one simple accessory can make.

Keep Your Windows Cracked

Simply keeping your windows cracked when you park in the summer sun can make a big difference, so roll the windows down a bit before you pull the keys. It only takes a few inches to make a difference, and you will notice the difference when you return.

If you are worried about rain and sudden summer thunderstorms, just add a set of vent visors. These accessories fit over the top of the windows, shielding the vehicle from the rain and keeping the interior dry even when the weather turns nasty.

It is not easy to keep your cool in the sweltering heat, but a few simple changes to your driving routine can help a lot. The tips listed above can keep you cool and comfortable no matter how high the mercury rises.

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