Did You Skip an Oil Change?

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Skipping an oil change is a lot bigger problem than many car owners suspect. It can lead to big problems in your car’s engine and those problems are entirely preventable. ER Auto Care wants you to know what you should watch for if you’ve lost track of your car’s oil change status.

Your Car’s Engine Sounds Pretty Rough

How your car’s engine sounds can tell you a lot about how it’s doing. If you’re noticing that your car sounds rough and the engine seems to be vibrating more than it has in the past, it could be a sign that you’re overdue for an oil change. Old oil isn’t able to lubricate the engine properly, keeping it from being its most efficient.

You’re Burning through a Lot of Gas

Part of that inefficiency is that your car starts to experience poor gas mileage. That’s a problem from a performance standpoint, but it’s also costing you more in gas. Keeping track of your gas mileage can help you to spot those small changes in performance.

You’ve Got More Exhaust Smoke than Usual

Are you seeing a lot of exhaust smoke? If it’s black, blue, or gray, that can be a big indication that your car’s engine isn’t able to burn off all the gas and too much is getting into the exhaust. Again, this is closely related to the engine being inefficient.

You’ve Got an Oil Leak Under the Car

If you’re spotting oil leaks under your car, they can be there for a variety of reasons. There can be leaks for a variety of reasons, from holes in hoses to a clogged oil filter. But the bottom line is that if you’re seeing oil leaks, that means you need to get your car checked out to make sure there’s nothing bigger going on.

Dashboard Warning Lights Are Shining

Going way too long between oil changes is going to get you some warning lights on your car’s dashboard. First you’re going to see the oil warning light and then the check engine light will make an appearance. Some cars don’t have an oil light, so you might only see the check engine light. Regardless, the situation is serious by the time you’re seeing warning lights.

Don’t wait to see how bad the situation gets before you get your car’s oil changed. Give us a call today at ER Auto Care in Plain City, OH and we’ll set up an appointment for you. 


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