Don’t Buy That Used Car Without a Pre-purchase Inspection

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Pre-purchase Inspection | ER Autocare

With all of the dealer certifications, it can be a bit confusing as to whether you need a pre-purchase inspection of a used car. We recommend that you have the vehicle inspected even if it is certified. The dealer certification is a legitimate one, but it is important to keep in mind that the dealer also wants to sell the car. Call us for an independent inspection that does not have an underlying motive.

Inspect the Vehicle Yourself

You should also take the time to inspect the vehicle yourself. Make sure to look at it carefully and with a wary eye. Inspect the outside to see if you can detect things like physical damage or different paint colors. The latter can suggest that the vehicle was in a previous accident. Make sure to check the tire tread to ensure it is wearing evenly. Also, take the time to inspect the inside of the vehicle to make sure you can’t see any damage. While you are at it, make sure all of the vehicle’s lights are working.

Take an Extended Test Drive

Next, take the vehicle out for an extended test drive. Make sure you drive the automobile for at least 30 minutes over a series of roads and highways. You want to see how the vehicle handles when you are driving at slow speeds and when you are driving at fast speeds. Also, test all of the components while you are driving the automobile. Make sure that the cruise control works, the entertainment system, the navigation system, and so on. You should even check the USB charging ports if the vehicle has them.

Enlist Our Help

Finally, enlist our help. We will inspect the automobile with a professional eye. We will inspect all of the systems to make sure they are operating as they should be. We will run a diagnostic test on the used automobile to make sure there isn’t any hidden problem. We will also inspect the vehicle for bodywork that covers up previous automobile accident damage, fire damage, or flood damage. We will make certain that you are not buying a lemon and that you can count on the vehicle for years to come.

You can call us today to schedule an appointment for a pre-purchase inspection for any used automobile that you wish to buy. We would be happy to inspect the vehicle thoroughly to ensure it is an excellent purchase.

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