Easy Ways To Remove Window Tint

Easy Ways to Remove Window Tint | ER Autocare

Window tinting offers protection from the sun’s rays and maintains your privacy. Over time, however, tint starts to lose adhesive and creates an unsightly mess. Here are some ways to remove your window tint brought to you by the experts at ER Auto Care in Plain City OH.

When to Consider Tint Removal

The main reason drivers want tint gone is bubbling. As the adhesive loses effectiveness, bubbles can start to form where the air has gotten through, making your windows look terrible. Since there’s no way to fix bubbles without removing the tint, you have only one option.

Another sign your tint’s lifespan has run out is discoloration. If tint starts to take on a purple hue, it means it has lost its luster and can no longer block the sun’s UV rays.

If neither of these signs has occurred, you might simply prefer tint-free windows. Regardless, if you want to remove window tint at home, here’s how to do it.

Direct Heat

A heat source is a key to removing window tint (since heat melts adhesive), and this first method involves a hairdryer. First, hold the blow dryer about 2 inches from the window and keep it on high until the edges of the tint start to loosen. Start at the edges and continue applying air where the window and tint meet until every bit can be peeled away. Once the tint is removed, you can clean the windows to remove excess glue.


The sun’s rays (with chemical assistance) can heat the tint and melt the glue, as well. For this method, you’ll need to protect your face and the car’s interior from caustic ammonia fumes.

To begin, spray the window’s exterior with soapy water and cover it with a garbage bag that has been cut to size. Smooth the bag over the window until it can lay flat. Next, spray the window’s interior with ammonia (protecting your face with a mask) and cover it with a cut garbage bag as you did on the outside. Now all you need to do is wait; the afternoon sun should sufficiently heat the windows in about 20 to 30 minutes.

After enough time has passed, you should be able to peel window tint away as described in the first method.


A garment steamer is another heat source that can melt adhesive and make the tint removable. Just use the steamer like you would a hairdryer and peel tint away exactly as described in the first method.

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