Er Autocare Auto Repair London Ohio

No matter what part of London Ohio you call home, you rely on your vehicle to get you around, get you to work and make your life easier. When your vehicle breaks down, you cannot afford to wait, and you cannot afford to take a chance on an unknown repair center.

When you bring your vehicle to ER Auto Care, you can rest assured your car, truck or SUV is in good hands. At ER Auto Care, we treat your vehicle as if it were our own. We know what to look for and diagnose even the most difficult problems and how to get your car, truck or SUV back on the road fast.

The Value Of Preventative Maintenance

At ER Auto Care, we are your automotive repair experts in the London OH area, but we also know that the best way to fix a breakdown is to stop it from happening. We are big believers in preventative maintenance, from regular oil changes to timely tire rotations.

When you bring your vehicle to ER Auto Care, our expert automotive technicians can help you develop a realistic maintenance schedule, one that can keep your vehicle on the road, save you money and keep you on the road longer.

Expert Repairs Done Right

If your vehicle does break down, ER Auto Care is always here to help. Whether the problem is minor or major, we have the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment needed to find out what is wrong and set it right. We know you rely on your vehicle, and we aim to minimize the time you are without it.

At ER Auto Care, we can tackle virtually any type of auto repair. If your transmission has started to slip, we can assess the problem, perform the expert transmission repairs you need and get you back on the road. If you notice a puddle on your garage floor, we can find out which fluid is leaking, find the leak and fix it fast.

We can even perform major engine overhauls, repairing your engine and giving you many more miles of faithful service from your vehicle. At ER Auto Care, no job is too big, and no job is too small. All of our automotive technicians are fully trained and industry certified, so you can rely on our repairs. We stand behind all of our work, and we are not satisfied until you are.

Your London Ohio Car Care Experts

At ER Auto Care, we want to be your car care experts in the London OH area. No matter what you need or what kind of vehicle you drive, just give us a call and we can keep your vehicle running like new.


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