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Your car’s fluids need to be checked on a regular basis. We offer the best oil changes that won’t break the bank, and are the go-to neighborhood luxury auto service. We will help you check and keep these fluids maintained.

The many fluids of your car’s engine serve their own functional purpose, but one that they all have in common is that they keep their respected parts lubricated and running smoothly. Engine oil is the blood of your engine and requires routine replacement. Transmission fluid keeps the interlocking gears of your transmission lubricated and moving smoothly. This fluid can become filled with dirt over time and become thick, thus causing the gears to grind and stick. Brake fluid is important because this is what creates the pressure that pushes the brake pads against the rotors of your car, thus slowing you down. Antifreeze assists in keeping your engine from overheating and your main fluid lines from freezing in the winter. Finally, your power steering fluid allows you to steer the car with ease. If the steering wheel of your car gets difficult to turn then it may be time to get your steering fluid replaced.

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How often should the fluids in my car be changed?

In order to operate effectively, we recommend you get your fluids checked/ topped off with each oil change. The good news is, we already do this for you with each oil change here at ER Autocare. Coming to a premiere automotive service and repair shop, and receiving routine maintenance will help extend the life of your car by thousands of miles.

If you notice a strange pool of liquid under your car, here are a couple of indicators to help determine what that fluid might be:

  • Brake Fluid is a yellow color
  • Power steering Fluid has a slight yellow tint
  • Antifreeze can be pink or green
  • Radiator Fluid is neon green and is slippery to the touch
  • Transmission fluid is a bright red color
  • Windshield Washer fluid is usually a light blue color
  • Motor Oil should be an amber color, almost like pancake syrup
  • Gasoline has a distinct recognizable smell

If you notice any of these fluids leaking from your car, then bring it into the experts at ER Autocare to see if there is a leak to be fixed. As for routine maintenance on these fluids, all your fluids are checked along with every oil change service as part of our highest standard of care.

Our master technicians are here to help you diagnose any potential leak in your vehicle with luxury standard care.