Four Situations that Tell You it’s Time to Get Your Transmission Fluid Checked

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Do you think much about your car’s transmission fluid? Most people don’t, honestly. But there are some times when your car is giving you clues that it’s time to get your transmission fluid checked. ER Auto Care has these suggestions for you.

You’ve Spotted a Transmission Fluid Leak

Any time you have a leak of any of the fluids in your car, that’s something that you need to look into more closely. Transmission fluid leaks are likely to be under the back of the car. The fluid is oily and it’s most likely going to be reddish-brown or brown in color. Old transmission fluid is likely to be closer to black in color. And if the fluid is hitting any hot parts on the way down to the ground, it’s also likely to smell burnt.

You’re Hearing Noises from the Transmission

Ideally, your car’s transmission shifts gears smoothly and you don’t hear much out of it that’s unusual. But when the transmission is having issues or the transmission fluid needs changing, you might be hearing some unusual clunking sounds coming from the transmission. As the gears have greater trouble meshing together, the noises are likely to get ever louder.

You’re Noticing the Transmission Responds Differently

Transmission fluid keeps your car’s transmission lubricated and cool, so that it continues to run well. When the transmission fluid needs changing or is having trouble, the transmission won’t operate as smoothly as it should. You’ll feel that hesitation and jerky responses from the transmission as you’re driving.

You’re Seeing the Check Engine Light

Your car’s transmission and engine work together to keep your car moving. When the transmission isn’t working as well as it should be, that is going to directly affect the engine eventually. The check engine light is your warning that there is something going on that you really can’t continue to ignore. Right when the light comes on, your car’s engine might not be at risk. But if you let the situation keep getting worse, the engine will be affected.

Keeping your car in good working order is what we’re all about here at ER Auto Care in Plain City, OH. If you’re noticing any of these signs or experiencing trouble with your transmission or any other part of your car, give us a call. We’ll accurately diagnose the issue for you and let you know what repairs your car needs.

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