How Do I Stop My Brakes From Squealing?

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Stop My Brakes From Squealing | ER Autocare

If your brakes squeal constantly, there is a problem with the brake system. ER Auto Care recommends that you have the brake system inspected right away to avoid the potential danger of being unable to stop your car, truck, utility vehicle, or van. Braking your automobile should be silent. Brakes that squeal all the time are a signal that you have one or more of the following problems listed below.

Broken Anti-Rattle Clips

Your brake pads are fitted onto the calipers by parts that are called “pad stays.” Anti-rattle clips secure the brake pads to the pad stays. If these clips are broken or worn out, your brake pads will vibrate every time you apply the brakes, and this is why the brakes are squealing. Replacing the anti-rattle clips will solve the problem.

No Insulation

The brake pads also have insulation to prevent them from squealing. This insulation is installed when the brake system is assembled in the factory. Every time you get your brake pads replaced, the insulation must be replaced, as well. If it isn’t, your brakes will squeal every time you use them because the brake pads are not insulated.

Overheating Brakes

We mentioned danger above and the reason why is that brakes that squeal all the time could be overheating all the time. If this is the case, glazed brake pads and rotors are causing the squealing sound. The problem with overheating brakes is that you will eventually lose your ability to stop your automobile because the brakes will fail.

Warped Rotors

The brake pads are made to create friction with the rotors when they press up against them. The rotor surfaces are cut to increase this friction. This friction is what helps you stop your automobile. After millions of pad presses, the rotor surfaces are worn down and warped from the brake pads. This can make your brakes squeal if you don’t have the rotors re-cut.

Worn Pads

Finally, your brakes will squeal all the time if your brake pads are worn down. Sometimes, the squealing is caused by a sensor in the brake pads that makes the annoying noise to let you know it’s time to replace the brake pads. Other times, the pads are just squealing because they don’t have enough surface to generate the proper friction to stop your car.

ER Auto Care in Plain City, OH, would be happy to inspect your brake system if it is squealing all the time. Schedule an appointment by calling us today.

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