Is it Possible to Extend the Life of Your Car?

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Get To Know Your Car | ER Autocare

Taking the best care possible of your car ensures that it will be around for a long, long time. Here’s what you need to know about making sure that your car has a great life with you. ER Auto Care is always here to help.

Get Acquainted with the Owner’s Manual

The good news is that you never really have to read your car’s owner’s manual from cover to cover. But you should at least flip through it and get acquainted with some of the information in the owner’s manual. There’s a lot in there, and it helps if you already know roughly where to go to find information when you need it most.

Get to Know the Car, Too

When a car is new to you, there’s a lot that feels weird about it. There are new sounds, new smells, and the car is always going to feel a little different until you get used to it. Some of the important features may be in different places, too. Learn where the headlight switch is and figure out where the dipstick is for the oil. These are all things that you don’t really want to learn on the fly.

Embrace the Idea of Preventative Maintenance

Whether this is a brand-new car or a new-to-you car, preventative maintenance is your friend. By getting the recommended services done when your car’s manufacturer suggests is going to help you to stay ahead of repairs. Your car will run better and it will be in great shape far longer than you might have believed it could be.

Check Out Which Services You Can Bundle

Bundling is a big deal everywhere. You’ve probably heard about bundling from your car insurance provider and a whole bunch of other places, too. It’s just as important with preventative maintenance for your car. Nobody has a ton of spare time these days, so take a closer look at which services you can schedule at the same time. That means one trip into the shop and maybe only a few minutes added to the time you’re there. It’s worth it to have your car properly serviced when necessary.

Want more specific advice about your car? Give us a call at ER Auto Care in Columbus, OH. We’ll be happy to inspect your car and let you know what it needs. We can also help you to set up a schedule for preventative maintenance that works for your car and for your life.

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