Pickup Delivery

15 miles from the shop as determined by Google maps. If you live more than 15 miles from the shop, we will gladly pickup and deliver the vehicle for $.75 per mile for every mile driven after 15 miles.

If we deliver the vehicle, a credit card payment over the phone is required before we deliver it.


  1. Pick up your car and deliver it once completed. We would have one of our vehicles parked at your house till we get the repairs performed
  2. We can deliver a loaner car and swap it for your car, and then swap your car for the loaner once completed
  3. You can drop your car at the shop, take a loaner, then we can swap out your car for the loaner once repairs are completed
  4. We can swap a loaner for your car, then you can drive the loaner out to the shop once work is completed
  5. If you choose one of the options that includes a loaner car, you will need to provide drivers license number or a photocopy of it along with your insurance info per standard procedures for loaner cars

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