Should I Consider Using Synthetic Oil In My Car?

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You should consider using synthetic oil in your car, especially during the winter. Let’s be honest, it gets downright freezing in Plain City, OH, once winter is upon us, and synthetic oil helps your engine survive the frigid temperatures just as your coat, hat, scarf, and gloves helps you survive the icy conditions. ER Auto Care stocks both synthetic and standard motor oil, so you can make the switch if you desire to at your next oil change.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Before you drive in and give us the green light to change your vehicle’s motor oil to synthetic, let’s talk about the benefits. These are important to understanding, as they help you make the best decision for your vehicle and your pocketbook. Most automobile manufacturers recommend synthetic motor oil over standard because of it

  • Resists breakdown better than mineral-oil based standard motor oil
  • Can handle high engine temperatures without losing its viscosity
  • Flows better in cold weather to keep engine parts lubricated properly

The latter is why we mentioned winter in the introduction to this post. Standard engine oil flows slowly when the mercury drops, which can cause engine damage if you start your motor in the morning and immediately back out of the garage. Synthetic motor oil doesn’t take as long to warm up – it flows quickly and easily even when it’s below zero.

Disadvantages of Synthetic Oil

The only disadvantage of synthetic oil that we see is its cost, and since this post is meant to help you decide what’s best for you, we feel we should bring this up. You’ve probably noticed on our price board that synthetic motor oil is much more expensive than standard motor oil. We don’t mean to pass this supply cost on to you, but we have to. Before you stop reading and think standard oil all the way, here us out.

Aside from winter driving, if your commute involves lots of short trips, stop-and-go traffic, or mountainous or rough terrain, synthetic motor oil will better reduce the wear and tear on your engine. In addition to this, synthetic motor oil lasts longer, which means you might be able to double the distance between oil changes. When you take this into account, you realize the additional expense now saves you money on maintenance and expensive repairs in the end.

This is why ER Auto Care believes synthetic oil pays for itself. Stop by our shop today or call us to discuss your vehicle’s motor oil needs.

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