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Should You Buy An Extended Warranty | ER Autocare

Once you have bought a used car or your original warranty has worn out, you may be worried about what to do regarding your car’s maintenance services. The costly repair services may be extremely burdensome and be a source of stress. However, is purchasing a long term extended warranty the answer? The issue can be confusing. Here are some considerations regarding whether you should buy an extended warranty.

Whose Warranty

The manufacturers warranties are usually the best bargain for your money. The components for their cars are often covered. It is usually a better chance of getting your claims covered. Manufacturers have more invested in their brand than third parties. As a result, the manufacturer more frequently honors claims that relate to their own brand. Additionally, it is in their best interest for marketing purposes to have happy clients who will be return buyers and will refer their friends and family. Brands that care about their customer after they have left the showroom and purchased the car have becoming increasingly more popular among savvy car shoppers and manufacturers are recognizing this.

Third Party Warranties

Third party companies that offer warranties are not always the best source. Usually there are many exemptions to getting your car fixed. For example, if the repair could be avoided by routine maintenance then you the company will not cover your claim. The contract has many fine print exemptions. Therefore you can be paying for a warranty that you are never able to use.

Car Quality

Some manufacturers are upgrading their car to such a degree that there are not frequent and expensive problems with your car. Therefore, if the quality of your car is such that it breaks infrequently, again, you may be paying for a warranty that you do not use often enough to cover your upfront or your pay over time costs.


Please make sure that you check the fine print of your contract. Some extended warranties limit the locations where you are permitted to obtain service. This is so limiting that if you are busy and time is limited for you, then you may not even use your warranty. Moreover, if you have to be towed to the locations that are permitted, the tow costs could end up being more than your repair. The flexibility does not exist in some contracts needed for a busy lifestyle. Contact ER Auto Care for all your car service needs.

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