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Signs My Car Battery Is Dying | ER Autocare

You can tell if your car battery is dying before it does in most cases. It will show you signs of its impending doom. ER Auto Care explains what those signs are below, and it’s also important to keep in mind that the average vehicle battery life is three years. If your vehicle’s battery is older than that, you might need to replace it soon.

Slow Starts

Your vehicle should start right away when you turn the key in the ignition and if it doesn’t, it might be your battery. It could also be your starter or alternator so pay attention as your vehicle struggles to ignite. If you hear it crank and whir as if it needs a cup of coffee before it starts, it could be your battery.

Doesn’t Start

Your vehicle won’t start because of a dead battery or, again, a problem with the alternator or starter. In this case, you won’t hear anything but a click when you turn the ignition key. If you can jump-start your automobile, it’s probably the battery. If you can’t jump-start your car, it might be the starter.

Low Power

Signs that your battery is holding a partial charge include working headlights, dashboard lights, or other electrical components yet your car, truck, or SUV won’t start. This means your battery isn’t completely charged and likely cannot hold a complete charge. It’s time for a new one if this is the case.

Frequent Jump-Starts

If you have to jump-start your vehicle frequently, your battery isn’t holding a charge. If your battery is brand new and you’re still having to jump it, it could be a problem with the battery or your vehicle’s electrical system. Something, such as your radio, might be draining too much power from the battery.


Old batteries will leak battery fluid and corrode the terminals. If the battery is still good, cleaning the terminals with baking soda and water might solve any performance trouble. If the battery is leaking water or acid, however, it’s best to replace the battery. You shouldn’t smell acidy smells, either.

Finally, if your battery light comes on while you’re driving there is something going on with your electrical system and not necessarily the battery. You can bring your automobile into ER Auto Care in Plain City, OH, and we’ll take a look. If it’s time for a new battery or battery inspection, call us to set up an appointment. We’ll get you in and out of our shop quickly.

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