ER Auto Care’s Tips To Help Your Car Go For 200,000 Miles and Beyond

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You want your car to last. So do we. ER Auto Care in Plain City, OH, can help you get over 200,000 miles out of your car – barring any unforeseen issue or circumstance, that is. The most important thing to keep in mind when you want to keep your car running its best for years is maintenance. You have to take care of your vehicle in order for it to take care of you.

Follow Recommended Service Schedules

You won’t get even 100,000 miles out of your car if you don’t service it regularly. Grab your owner’s manual from the glove compartment and follow the recommended maintenance schedule faithfully. May sure you get oil changes, radiator services, tune-ups, tire rotations, timing belt changes, and all other maintenance done at the mileage milestones per the manual.

Don’t Go Cheap on Fuel

Filling up your car’s tank with the cheapest gasoline doesn’t save you money in the end. Low-grade gas has additives that can damage your engine. In some cases, inexpensive gas can also affect the performance of your car, which, in turn, reduces its engine life. You don’t have to buy the most expensive gas in town, but make sure to fill your car with quality petrol each time.

Don’t Drive on Fumes

Keep your car full. If you have a bad habit of driving on fumes, stop it. All gas, no matter high or low quality, leaves some sediment in your fuel tank. When you drive on empty, you push that sediment into the engine. Can you say potentially expensive repair bill? Once your tank gets to one-quarter, stop and fill ‘er up. Keep your clean, too, to avoid rust and wear on its exterior.

Buy Quality Parts

As with inexpensive fuel, it might also be tempting to request generic parts from your mechanic but it’s always better to use a dealer or high-quality parts when working on your car. For example, a cheap oil filter might not fit right, even though it’s the size your owner’s manual recommends, and this can spell an oil leak and other trouble. Baby your baby with only the best.

Understand Your Vehicle

Your vehicle runs a certain way. It also handles in a specific manner. If you notice anything strange about how your vehicle sounds or operates, bring it in for a quick diagnostic check. Often when machine parts fail, they make a funny sound or affect vehicle handling. Always be alert to how your car sounds, operates and even smells. Your awareness can extend its life.

Finally, only take your vehicle to a mechanic you can trust. We here at ER Auto Care are that mechanic. We service Plain City, OH, vehicles and are happy to add you to our customer list. Call us or stop by our shop today.

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