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Top Tips To Prevent Your Car | ER Autocare

You love your car, but you are not the only one. Every time you drive, car thieves have an envious eye on your sweet ride, and they are always waiting for a chance to take it away from you.

There is not much you can do about the existence of car thieves – -that job belongs to the police. But as a car owner, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure your own vehicle does not end up in the hands of those thieves. Here are some practical tips to keep your car out of the hands of the bad guys.

Park Smart

If you want your car to be there when you get back, think carefully about where you park. It may be convenient to park in that deserted parking spot or side alley, but is that really the best place for your car?

Avoid dark alleys and other spots where a thief could hide as you walk away from your car. Look for well lit parking lots and heavily trafficked areas – these are far safer for you and your car.

Lock Your Car Up Every Time

It is easy to leave your car unlocked, especially if you are just running to the store for a few minutes. Even so, every time you leave your car unlocked, you make it more vulnerable to car thieves and petty criminals.

Thieves are always looking for an easy target, so make your car harder to get into by locking it up every time. Even if you will just be gone for a minute or two, take a few seconds to lock your doors and roll up the windows – you will be glad you did.

Install an Anti-Theft Device

From fancy car alarms and remote controlled cameras to physical devices like steering wheel locks, there are plenty of anti-theft options on the market today. If your car does not have a built-in alarm system, think about adding some kind of anti-theft device.

There are many choices, but in the end the best option is the one you will use. If you do not think you will use a steering wheel lock consistently, a hard-wired alarm may be the better choice. Just be sure to use your anti-theft system every time, and let your insurance company know as well. Many carriers offer significant discounts for drivers who use anti-theft devices.

Few things make you feel as helpless as watching your car roll away without you. Taking steps to protect your car is the best way to make sure it is there when you return from your daily errands.

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