What Are the Most Useful Apps on Your Phone for Your Car?

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Useful Phone Apps For Your Car | ER Autocare

Whether you are headed out on a cross-country journey, taking a road trip with the kids or just commuting to work, your best friend is right in your pocket. If you have a smartphone, you can get traffic directions, find the cheapest gas and access a wealth of information with just the touch of a button.

So before you leave home the next time, take a few minutes to download these electronic helpers. Here are some of the best and most useful smartphone apps for your phone – apps that will help you get around, save you money and help you enjoy the journey even more.


There are plenty of traffic and driving direction apps out there, but Waze has a number of important advantages. Unlike many of its competitors, the Waze app allows drivers to help one another, submitting warning messages about everything from speed traps and traffic enforcement to sudden road construction up ahead.

The Waze app also provides detailed driving directions, including shortest route options and shortest time options. Whether you are commuting to work or heading out for a road trip, you should not leave without the Waze app on your phone.

Gas Buddy

It is no secret that the price of gas is going up, but you do not have to pay more than you need to. With the Gas Buddy app on your phone, you can automatically be routed to the cheapest gas, whether you are away from home or headed out to work.

The Gas Buddy app can save you a ton of money, so there is really no reason not to have it. Gas prices change all the time, but Gas Buddy does a great job at staying up to date and guiding you to the lowest cost stations.

Spot Hero

Waze will get you where you are going, and Gas Buddy will save you money as you get there, but Spot Hero will help you find a place to park. Anyone who has ever driven in a big city will appreciate the Spot Hero app, but it is just as useful for small towns and anywhere else parking is metered.

Spot Hero will guide you to an available parking spot, so you can spend less time circling the block and more time at your destination. Even if you only venture into the city once in awhile, you need the Spot Hero app on your phone.

There is no doubt that having the right apps on your phone can make your driving easier, so be sure to download the above apps before you leave home. These apps can help you get where you are going, save you money and even find you a safe place to park.

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