What Steps Can You Take to Keep Your Car from Overheating?

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Overheating Engine | ER Autocare

Heat is probably the biggest enemy of your car’s engine. That’s because the engine creates a ton of heat and if that’s not kept under control, your car’s engine will expire far faster than expected. ER Auto Care wants to help you to avoid engine problems, so offers these tips for avoiding overheating.

Stay on Top of Cooling System Services

Check your car’s owner’s manual for a list of cooling system services recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure that you look at the timing, too. If there are other services recommended around the same mileage markers, schedule them together to save yourself time and angst. Getting those services all handled means you don’t have to worry about them.

Check Coolant Levels Yourself

Without coolant in the cooling system, nothing good is going to happen. The problem often is that coolant levels can drop quickly without you realizing that they’re getting low. If you’re already doing things like checking your oil regularly, add peeking at the coolant reservoir to that to do list and knock both tasks out at the same time.

Make Other Preventive Maintenance a Priority

Preventative maintenance is your best friend when it comes to keeping your car in the best possible running order, which also means avoiding overheating. Some of the types of maintenance that you want to make sure you prioritize are things like oil changes, which help to keep your car’s engine running cooler, too. When you’re hitting all the marks with your preventative maintenance, you have a much better chance of avoiding all sorts of repairs and possible breakdowns.

Figure Out What Warning Signs Your Car Might Give You

The biggest indication that your car is starting to run too hot is of course when the temperature gauge starts to creep up. But if you’re not already familiar with where normal is on that gauge, you might find yourself questioning whether it’s truly changing or not. Your owner’s manual is a good place to start, as well as simply making it a point to check your temperature gauge often while the car is running.

Worried that heat is going to do a number on your car’s engine? ER Auto Care in Plain City, OH is here for you. Call us today and we’ll be able to diagnose the issues causing your car’s engine to run hotter than it should. From there, we can suggest the right repairs for your car’s unique situation.

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