Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignments 

Most wheel alignments are done along with the purchase of a new set of tires. This is done to help increase the life of your tires.  ER Autocare offers affordable but superior wheel alignments and high end auto repair services.

The wheels of your car must be aligned correctly to increase the control and handling of your car. Unaligned wheels contribute to the uneven wear on the tires and can drastically affect your handling of the vehicle. One perk of a wheel alignment is your ride will feel increasingly smoother.

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Wheel alignments could increase the life of your tires by thousands of miles, provide a safer drive, boost performance and fuel economy with a wheel alignment.

Common signs you may need a wheel alignment are:

  • The steering wheel is crooked
  • You notice uneven wear on your tire tread
  • You experience steering wheel shake while turning
  • The steering wheel pulls in either direction, left or right

An ER Autocare Wheel Alignment Includes:

  • Steering and suspension check
  • Insurance that your alignment meets manufacture recommendations
  • Check tires for excess wear

Our master technicians are here to help you diagnose any potential issue in your vehicle with luxury standard care.