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Many consumers put their car on a lifespan schedule and decide it’s time to buy a new one after only a few years. This is fine if you have the disposable income to do so, but many people don’t. So, when is it really time to buy a new car? When the repairs become more expensive and more extensive than what the vehicle is worth. ER Auto Care considers the following problems a clear sign it’s time to head to the automobile dealer and make a deal.

Damaged Body

If you have been in an accident, or if you bought the car used and it was in an accident prior to your purchase, it might be time to consider purchasing a new one. When damage severely, the body and undercarriage of your vehicle are never the same again. Yes, the body shop said it would repair the car so it was just as it was before, but it isn’t. It never is. A damaged frame can become an expensive one as it will wear down related parts quicker than a sound one will.

Head Gasket

Just throw in the towel if you blow a head gasket. Even if you catch the issue in time and have your vehicle towed to a mechanic right away, the damage is done. Replacing a head gasket can cost on average $1,000-plus. If the engine fluids mixed once the gasket blew, which is what happens, they likely damaged the entire engine. A total engine replacement costs on average anywhere from $2,500 to $4,000. It’s definitely time to buy a new car if you blew the gasket.

Piston Punch

Most mechanics call this rod knock but we also like to say piston punch. Are you a speed demon filled with road rage? Do you maintain your vehicle as you should? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, you might end up with rod knock. The harder you drive your car and the less you maintain it the looser your rod bearings and bolts become. If they loosen enough, they’ll release the pistons which will punch through your engine block.

These three things are definitely a sign its time to buy a new car. If you suspect your vehicle is on its last tire, call ER Auto Care. We are located in Plain City, OH, so stop by our shop today.

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