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When Should i Service My Windshield Wipers | ER Autocare

From rain to snow, your windshield wipers make it possible to see when you drive in inclement weather. These important parts of your car are often overlooked until they’ve become completely worn down. If you think your wipers aren’t performing as they should, read on to learn about a few signs that they may need some extra attention.

The Rubber Looks Odd

A visual inspection of your windshield wipers can tell you a lot. If they have a cracked or split appearance, it’s probably time for a replacement. Sometimes the blade may start to look round instead of straight which is a telltale sign of too much wear and tear.

Streaky Windshield

Does your windshield have a streaky appearance that’s impeding your view? This is usually a sign that your wiper blades are coated with too much grime and dirt. You can try to wipe them clean using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol to see if that fixed the problem. If you’re still seeing annoying streaks, it’s likely time to get new ones.

Strange Noises

When your wipers rub across the glass, you should barely hear them. If you notice a chattering sound, there’s probably an issue. Unusual noises, whenever you use your wiper blades, means that they are worn out and need replacing. If you hear sounds, the wipers are not coming into contact with the glass properly, which means they can’t clear your view for you.

You Have a Bent Frame

Your windshield wipers have a metal frame that can easily bend or become damaged. Rough, icy weather can often cause this problem and even some car washes can do damage to your blade’s frame. If you clean your wipers, be sure that you lift them up delicately so you don’t cause any damage. A bent frame will not allow the blade to come into direct contact with your windshield. This can make driving in bad weather a serious hazard.

Improper Contact with Your Windshield

The windshield wipers should be completely wiping across the entirety of your windshield. If they don’t, you’re not getting the clear view you need to stay safe on the road. You may start to notice that your wipers are only cleaning certain parts of the windshield. This is an indication of potential damage, whether it’s old rotting rubber or a bent metal frame. Always check your wipers during periods of bad weather so you can be sure they’re serving you well.

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