Why Aren’t Your Tires Wearing Evenly?

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Uneven tread wear can cause big handling problems with your car. But the worst part is that uneven tread wear may kill off your car’s tires well before you’re ready to replace them. ER Auto Care wants you to know why your tires might be having wear problems.

Improper Inflation

The right air pressure can make all the difference in your car’s tires. It’s vital for you to know what the proper pressure is so that you can aim for that. If you rely on the TPMS to keep you informed about tire pressure, you may be off of the ideal pressure more often than you realize. Improper inflation can affect what parts of the tire’s surface makes contact with the road, which can dramatically impact tread wear.

Out of Balance

When wheels and tires are out of balance, they start spinning at a slightly different speed at certain points as you drive. You can think about it like a washing machine that gets out of balance, because it’s the same basic concept. That balance problem causes the wheel and therefore the tire to swing farther at some points and therefore wear unevenly. If you avoid wheel balancing, that’s likely to chew away at your tire tread a lot more quickly and possibly unevenly.

Out of Alignment

Wheel alignment is all about how your wheels are lined up on the wheel assembly. This is a delicate measurement that is directly impacted by everything about driving. That’s why your wheels need to be realigned periodically. But remember that the rougher you are on your car and your wheels, the more out of whack your wheel alignment is likely to be.

Need Rotation

A very few wheel and tire combinations don’t need to be rotated, but the vast majority of tires need to get rotated in order to extend their lifespans. Rotation involves putting tires on alternate corners or sides of the car, depending on the pattern recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Each wheel carries different weights and requirements, which is why rotation can be so helpful. 

Do you want to make sure your tires are doing alright? ER Auto Care in Plain City or Columbus, OH can help. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to inspect your car’s tires and let you know what’s causing the tread to wear unevenly and what you need to do in order to correct that situation.

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