Why Do My Tail Lights Not Work?

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The tail lights on your car are what other drivers rely on to clearly see your vehicle. When these lights aren’t working, you might not even know it unless you get pulled over or someone else on the road makes you aware. If your tail lights aren’t working, it could be caused by several different things, so it’s good to understand more about these common issues in order to fix them quickly.

A Burned Out Bulb

Just like the lights in your home, your car’s tail lights use a light bulb that will eventually just burn out. This problem is extremely easy to fix and you can likely remedy the issue yourself. It’s always a good idea to carry a spare bulb or two in your vehicle so you can swap it out. If you don’t have a spare, your local auto parts store should have a replacement bulb based on your unique make and model. Try this first to see if it corrects the issue.

Electrical Issues

If you have a malfunctioning tail light, it could be a matter of a blown fuse. The fuses work with your car’s electrical panel and if they’re blown, it can cause several lights to stop working. Replace the fuse and see if this helps. Another issue may be related to your wiring. Both fuses and wiring work with your car’s electrical system and if they have wear and tear, the entire system malfunctions.

Speaking of Wiring…

When wiring goes bad, there’s no connection to your lights, causing them to “turn off.” Open your trunk and look for your wiring system. Inspect the wires to see if they’re loose, frayed, or completely disconnected. If they’re disconnected, reattach them. If the wires look damaged or even snapped, you’ll need to bring your vehicle to an experienced mechanic who can replace them with new ones.

In some cases, your tail lights going out could indicate that you have an issue with the battery. Make sure your battery contacts are clean and that it’s fully charged. Whether it’s a burned-out bulb or a problem with a fuse or wiring, this problem is usually easy to fix fairly quickly. When in doubt, have a certified mechanic diagnose the problem so you can back on the road safely.

If your tail lights aren’t working properly, ER Auto Care is here to help. Call us today in Plain City, OH, to schedule an appointment.

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