Why Does My Car Shudder? ER Auto Care Has the Answers

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Why Does My Car Shudder | ER Autocare

It’s frightening when you pick up speed or put on the brakes and your car begins to shake. This is not normal, and in order to maintain optimal safety on the road, you should bring your vehicle in right away for an inspection. We are ER Auto Care, which means we understand you might have to show up at our shop unexpectedly. We don’t mind. We don’t want you driving a shuddering vehicle because the motion could be caused by the following.


Your car has two axles – front and back – and they are the centralized shafts in the wheels’ rotating gears. Your car might also have CV boots (Constant Velocity joints), and they transmit driving force power. If your axle is bent, cracked, or otherwise compromised, or your CV boots are dirty or worn, your car will shake when you drive it.


If you notice vibrations when you step on the brake pedal, chances are your front brake mechanism needs some TLC. This mechanism takes more of a beating than your rear brake mechanism does, and if it’s worn, your vehicle will shake. Worm brake components, such as the discs, pads, and rotors, can also cause vibration when you attempt to stop your car.


Your vehicle’s engine drives your car’s performance and should certain parts or systems malfunction, you might be in for a bumpy ride. You might not believe this, but a clogged air filter can actually make your car shake when you drive it. Thankfully, that’s usually a quick and inexpensive fix. Worn spark plugs could also be the culprit as could a more ominous issue.


Please don’t drive on worn tires. It’s not only dangerous because you could lose control; it’s also dangerous because you could have a blowout. If your tires are worn, unbalanced, or your car is out of alignment, this could easily cause the vehicle to shudder while you drive it. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your tires rotated, bring your vehicle in for a tire inspection.


Finally, your wheels might also be the reason why you have a bumpy ride every time you get behind the wheel. Balancing and alignment are two issues, but a super rough ride might indicate something more serious. One or more wheels might not spin properly, or you may be driving on worn ball joints, bearings, or tie rod ends. Don’t risk it. Have your wheels checked.

Stop by ER Auto Care’s Plain City, OH, shop today and let us diagnose your shudder problem. If you’d like, you can also call us to make an appointment.

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