Why Should I Buy A Tesla?

Why Should i Buy a Tesla | ER Autocare

If you are considering buying a Tesla you already know that there are significant benefits to an electric car. You already know the advantages over the complex system of a combustion engine. Let’s dig a little deeper into why should you buy a Tesla. So, the question should be why shouldn’t you buy a Tesla. Here are the great reasons.


Dear Tesla owner, congratulations your fuel savings are going to blow your mind. There are many calculators available online to show you exactly how much you can save comparatively speaking to a car that is a similar size. However, it is said that the fuel savings are nearly ⅓ less than purchasing fuel.


Tesla’s superior build is known for its speed. The fact that Tesla builds its own battery designed specifically for a Tesla speaks volumes. Their factory dedicates all its efforts at making it highly efficient in all ways. The torque in a Tesla is unmatched by other electrics. According to statistics, Tesla’s reach the speed of 60 in just about one minute and nine seconds.

Battery Price

The Tesla’s battery is cheaper than that of its rivals. It is pricey, but at a cost of roughly $8,000, it is about $5,000 cheaper than it’s rival. Even with its cheaper price point, Tesla manages to outperform the competition in the performance test. Further, Tesla’s battery has a healthy lifespan. It is extremely competitive at about 300,000 miles. Other brands are offering extensive manufacturers warranties on their batteries as well, however, Tesla’s lifespan is competitive. Although, other brands are slowly competing. For example, Nissan is offering additional coverage for up to 60,000 miles.


Leaps ahead of automakers Tesla was the first to introduce this technology to its owners. Automakers everywhere are now jumping on board trying to announce their plans of automated cars. We know that you cannot allow the car to drive itself, however being so far ahead of the competition is what makes being a part of the Tesla family so fascinating.

The Look

You want an electric vehicle that does not look like an electric vehicle. What does that mean? It means that the Tesla is designed so sleek, futuristic and sporty. The traditional image of other electrics does not summon the image of a fast, edgy youthful individual. With a Tesla you have all your bases covered. Energy conscious, economical, and cool. Contact ER Auto Care and one of our certified professionals will assist you.

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